July 7th, 2011

The famous korean cuisine is a delicious sweet pancake with gold brown fillings in the center of the bread. It was such a big hit with my daughter and son that I would like to share my recipe. It’s very simple to make and the outcome is great.
Equipment: Medium Bowl
Spatula (metal)
Plastic Wrap
A hungry stomach

1 cup of All Purpose Flour
1/2 a cup of warm water or more if needed
2 tsp of yeast
1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
2 tablesp. of sugar (white)
2 pinches of salt
Brown Sugar (as much as you need)

Optional: Chopped Walnuts
Mozerella Cheese (any kind you prefer)
Warm damp towel

Directions: Fill the bowl with warm water and add the yeast, white suger, oil, and stir well. Then mix in the flour and salt untill it forms a sticky yet firm consistency. Cover the bowl in plastic wrap and leave it in a warm spot. I often dampen a towel with warm water and place it over the bowel to help the yeast grow. The yeast can only grow in a damp, warm area. If you are having trouble with the yeast like what my wife has with her chocolate addicition, your water may be too cold or too hot. Try to get to a warm, even temperature with the water. After about 30 minutes or so punch the inflated dough and knead for five minutes. Form into eight or more golfball sized balls from the dough. Flatten them like pancakes and put how much brown suger you like in the center of the flattened “pancake.” To have more punch in the fillings use grated cheese or add to the brown suger cinnamin/chopped walnuts. Wrap the corners and reform into a ball so the fillings are all inside with no openings. This part is a bit tricky, so if the kids are around helping you, expect unperfect hoddeuk. If the dough is sticky, cover your hands in flour or oil. With the pan, coat it with oil, not sesame please since it is a bad taste to the hoddeuk, and put the balls on the pan. When the bottom of the dough turn light brown, press lightly to create a thick pancake shape in the hoddeuk. Turn the hoddeuk and cook the other side untill both sides are golden brown. Place the hoddeuk on a dish and serve.

This is a great recipe to make with the kids and can be rather fun. Hope you enjoy the recipe.

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September 30th, 2009

Welcome to GoKorean.com. This is our first post regarding Korea and Korean.  This space is for you. Happy blogging!

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